5 hidden games on Google you MUST know about (+ one bonus on Facebook)

If you’re bored or want to take your head off certain thoughts, games are often very useful. But sometimes you don’t particularly want to spend some time on finding a decent one nor do you want to download something. Worry no more, you can access secret games in less than 10 seconds!

Atari breakout

Fancy a quick arcade game? Google has your back! If you want to chill while playing a good game very easily without your computer making a fuss, just google “Atari breakout” and go to the image section. Your research will automatically transform into a game. Tada!


If arcade games aren’t really your thing and you prefer cards, Google got you covered too! If you want to launch a party of Solitaire, just write “Solitaire” on google and your game will be available immediately! One advice though – if you’re a hardcore Freecell player, this might be very unsettling!

solitaire game google


Tic tac toe

If you haven’t played Tic tac toe in your childhood I’m sorry to say you missed BIG. This was the game to play in school, especially during boring classes – don’t worry, it happened to the best of us.

Again, just type “Tic tac toe” on google search bar and start your game!

Tic tac toe game


T-Rex Game

No, the cute little dinosaur that appears every time your internet connection is turned off isn’t just a decoy. If you press play, it will turn into an amazing and captivating game. “T-rex Game” is a fantastic way to make you forget that you don’t have internet anymore!

T-rex game google

Zerg Rush

Fancy seeing your researches disappear, eaten by “Os”? Type Zerg rush on google and many “O” will attack you and destroy your researches, one by one. If you want to stop them, you must kill them by clicking on it multiple times. You won’t last 1 minute.


zerg rush google


Yes, I know, you already use Facebook full-time but let’s be honest: between your multiple conversations (which aren’t all that interesting, let’s be honest) and scrolling down endlessly, you’re sometimes still bored. Fortunately, Facebook thought about you and integrated a secret game!



Although you’ve said ten thousand times than you were finally going to practice sport, the thought of going outside still gets you. Worry not, just send a basketball emoji to your friend on messenger and you’ll start playing basketball! Almost the same, heh? (If you really want to work-out, you must read my experience of trying the 7 minutes’ workout app). WORKS ONLY VIA MOBILE APP

Facebook messenger basketball

You now have all the tools to lose extra hours and stop being productive – You are google cursed!



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