5 hidden games on Google you MUST know about (+ one bonus on Facebook)

If you're bored or want to take your head off certain thoughts, games are often very useful. But sometimes you don't particularly want to spend some time on finding a decent one nor do you want to download something. Worry no more, you can access secret games in less than 10 seconds! Atari breakout Fancy... Continue Reading →


Memes of 2017 : One month, one meme; follow the trend ! [Constantly updated]

If you are present on social medias, it is very likely that you came across a few memes. Those funny pictures are a big social media phenomenon. So what is a meme?  Take a picture, add a funny caption about whatever you want and there you go: you created a meme. And if your picture... Continue Reading →

Top 10 most annoying things on a fandom

If you really love something (a TVshow, a singer, a band, a team sport, etc.), chances are you are part of a fandom.  And if you're really involved in a fandom, you can quickly realize that sometimes it can get very annoying. Mostly because of others fans. So this is  10 things you probably encountered if you're part... Continue Reading →

J’ai testé pour vous : La Fanfiction

Je reviens aujourd'hui pour un nouveau "J'ai testé pour vous" et cette fois ci, mon sujet se porte sur la fanfiction. Tout d'abord, comme le nom l'indique, la fanfiction est une histoire provenant d'un(e) fan. Cela implique qu'il y a déjà un monde, un récit, une structure. Bref, tout n'est pas imaginé, cela ressemble plus... Continue Reading →


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