Netflix UK: What’s new in July 2017 (series)

If you're the type of persons who follows a thousands tv-show and never knows when the new season is starting or the type who spends more time SEARCHING for a program than actually watching - I've got you! Here's the list of new tvshow in Netflix UK for July. Synopsis is given for new ones!... Continue Reading →


HVFF London : Summary of the 2nd day!

The Heroes & Villains Fan Fest was held in London on the 27 and 28th may. I was there and here is a recap of the second and last day!

Top 10 most annoying things on a fandom

If you really love something (a TVshow, a singer, a band, a team sport, etc.), chances are you are part of a fandom.  And if you're really involved in a fandom, you can quickly realize that sometimes it can get very annoying. Mostly because of others fans. So this is  10 things you probably encountered if you're part... Continue Reading →

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