7 minutes workout : I’ve tried it for you


Hello everyone, I’m back today with another article about sport! My friend and I were talking about sports and I mentioned how I wanted to work out but often didn’t find time or didn’t know where to start.  That’s when she told me about this app she knew but had never tried.  The idea is very simple: The app prepares a workout of 7 minutes and reminds you every day that you should exercise. I loved the idea so I tried it out for you!*


The 7 minutes’ workout consist of 12 types of exercises each timed 30 seconds. You have 10 seconds of break during both exercises. This model is based on the New York Times article which explains the benefits of short but intense efforts.

Many types of exercises exist : One which helps cardio and general body, one that targets specifically your abs or your butt, etc.   I personally started with the 30 days’ challenge which tells you how many times you must repeat one act. The app notifies you each day that you must do your 7 minutes’ exercise. As I’m not a huge fan of workouts, I started with the beginner’s level and I loved it. It really wasn’t that hard so I now got into the habit of doing more than required. For example, if they ask for 15 jumping jacks, I would do 30, etc.  Granted I can just go directly to a more advanced level but I prefer to add more myself so I can be better prepared when I will get better.


I usually also do the general training/cardio and I must admit that it’s harder than the challenge. I don’t know if it’s because I always do it after and am therefore already tired or just because it really is intense. This is the one where you are timed and must follow exactly what they said. Although it is hard and I usually finish totally drained, it is excellent to keep an eye on your weight and work on your cardio. Beware though: Don’t start doing it if you are sick… I tried it and I wouldn’t recommend it as I almost fainted.


I also tried the one working on the abs and it was absolute HELL. I was STRUGGLING to finish because of its intensity. However, as hard as it was, I can already see some sort of results: it gets ‘easier’ every time. I’m not saying I can know do the Plank very easily but at least I can hold longer than before…That’s something, right?

I haven’t tried the other exercises but I’m sure they must be just as intense as these. It is recommended that you repeat the exercises 2 or 3 times to do 20 minutes of workouts. Although it is not impossible, I would recommend taking it a bit slowly if you are starting.

When I decided to download the app, and start it out, I was just coming back from a run. I was feeling good albeit tired but was determined to do many push-ups, etc. I started my 30-day challenges + cardio and did more than asked… And almost blacked-out and felt nauseous for a long time after that so take my advice seriously: don’t push it.


Additional info: The app can give vocals information while you are training. If you feel like the exercises are too easy, it often gives ideas to make it harder but you will usually need some materials. If you are happy with the normal version, the only things needed are a chair and a wall!

Best part? It’s FREE!

You’ve got no reason to not workout anymore! If you do try it, let me know what you think!


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