HVFF London : Summary of the 2nd day!

Here is the summary of the second day of the Heroes & Villains Fan fest which was held in London on the weekend of May 27th. The first part may be found here.

The second and final day was the most filled because I attended 4 panels. The first was with Stephen Amell, the second about Captain America with Hayley Atwell and Stanley Tucci, the third was about Arrow in the company of Emily Rickards, Josh Segarra and Katie Cassidy and finally the last was around Legends of Tomorrow with Brand Routh and Maisie Richardson-Sellers.


Stephen Amell

Sunday began with Stephen Amell (what a good start!!) who was joined by Emilie Bett Rickards, Robbie Amell and Josh Segarra for a few minutes and at different times. Very happy to be there, Stephen was, as usual, excellent with his fans.  Attentive, honest, talkative … In short, he was perfect (yes, we’re totally in love!)!

  • Stephen began talking about his experience at Ninja Warrior. For him, it was a dream come true to be able to participate in the show. He concedes that it was much harder than he thought especially because the run was on water. He also admits to having seriously injured the biceps in the middle – but just like nobody can stop Oliver Queen, nobody can stop Stephen so he did manage to finish the run !
  • Stephen’s favorite scene is where Oliver and Félicity get stuck in the bunker. He however reckon that it was a hard scene to shoot because they had it just a few days after Ninja Warrior which mean that he was still hurt in his arms and – if you don’t remember – he had to carry Felicity on STAIRS! While the favorite episode of Emily (who had joined him) is the one where Flash is introduced.
  • If they could shoot an episode with an unlimited budget, Stephen would bring back all of Arrow’s important old characters to see what it would give and Emily would include Batman.
  • Then Robbie Amell (the cousin) appeared shortly after Emily’s departure and simply reminded the crowd that Code 8, their new joint series, will begin shooting on May 30.
  • Finally, it was Josh’s turn to join Stephen. They explained how the filming of the fighting on the boat (season finale) was physically very difficult and challenged. Another scene difficult to shot was when Oliver was tortured by Adrian. This scene apparently took 12 hours to be shot and Stephen’s arms were hurt and sort due to the real chains used!
  • The theme for the upcoming season will be “Family” and how Oliver will manage the possible death of Samantha and his role as a father – btw, Stephen thinks that Oliver will be a better father than he thinks.
  • Finally, Stephen thinks there is a universe where Laurel and Oliver are together but explains that if Oliver had not been on the gambit, everything would have been different!

Captain America

The Marvel universe was present at the HVFF with Stanley Tucci and Hayley Atwell. The two actors discussed Captain America and Agent Carter but also shared information about their respective lives.

  • The two actors have the same passion when it comes to television shows: culinary shows!
  • We learn that they are very close because Hayley is one of the best friends of the Stanley’s wife. It was Hayley who convinced Stanley to participate in a convention and the HVFF was his second!
  • Hayley thought she had totally missed her audition for her role in Captain America so receiving the call was a real surprise. Regarding Stanley, he didn’t even audition for the role – he accepted it after it was offered to him. He explained that he loved the project although he was a little annoyed to play a man of 70 years-old!
  • Regarding Agent Carter, Hayley thinks that even though the series has been canceled, this is not the last time we will see Peggy Carter and she hopes to see her evolve through history – including civil rights movements. She also admits she would love a season around Peggy’s family and would have loved to see more scenes between Peggy and Jarvis. On the other hand, she thinks that if Steve (Captain America) had not been frozen, they could very well have ended up together!
  • For Stanley, the best part he played was that of Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada and that of Caesar in Hunger Games.
  • Although they usually like it, both actors admit that the costumes were not always comfortable. Hayley would like to wear a costume from the 80s (the Madonna era) while Stanley would prefer the 1930s. Finally, if they were to play a DC character, Hayley would play Batgirl and Stanley would like to play Sergeant Rock!



For those of us who wished to have a scene between Adrian and Felicity and/or a scene between Felicity and Black Siren, we get your disappointment…But the HVFF allowed us to have scenes between the three actors – and the least we can say is that they are hilarious!

  • Playing Adrian Chase is a dream come true for Josh. For him, before being a “bad guy”, Adrian is mostly someone misunderstood and terribly alone. He adds that it may be that he is also disturbed but he thinks that Adrian felt very close to Oliver.
  • In the next season, the relationship between Quentin and Black Siren will be more explored. We will see how the two characters will react in front of the other and how they will behave.
  • It is possible that Felicity (finally!!) gets a suit in the next season! For Emily, it is clear that Felicity is as much as a hero as Oliver or Diggle and she is extremely proud to interpret such a strong and intelligent woman.
  • Regarding actors, Josh admits that the scene where we learn who is Prometheus was really exciting for him because he considers that it set Adrien “free”. He was particularly happy to play the “bad” Adrian. It was a  bit similar for Katie who despite not having a preference between Laurel and Black Siren, found it quite thrilling to play a “bad guy”. However, she explains that she is too attached to Laurel and she therefore hold a dear place in her heart.
  • Each actor has different techniques to prepare for intense scenes. For Katie, from the moment she knows she’ll have to play a sad scene, she feels the need to stay alone and totally shut down. Josh creates playlists that match the characters played and the tone of the scene. As for Emily, she explains that when she has to play a very sad scene, she feels the need to do things that make her happy just before; She needs to be at both extremes every time to be able to play better.
  • Emily’s favorite series is Firefly while Katie’s is Stranger Things and Josh prefers The Sopranos!
  • Finally, the fans had a little Latino dance improvised by Josh who did not hesitate to make his co-stars dance. He also shared one of his dreams: being part of the casting of a play in the West End of London.

Legends Of Tomorrow

The last panel was held by Brandon Routh and Maisie Richardson-Sellers who talked a lot about their characters and the Arrowverse.

  • Brandon is not very worried about the different deaths of Legends. He’s sure he’ll be back and that’s not the last time we see some characters. Maisie thinks that her character is ready to face Captain Cold because a “they need to have a chat”. They both announced that they will be back next season.
  • The two actors are very excited to be in the dinosaurs area next season even if turning those scenes were difficult. Indeed, Maisie explains that sharing a sad scene with a man who holds a stick as dinosaurs is difficult to take seriously – which is imaginable. But she admits to always be quite amazed by CGI which offers, for her, unlimited possibility.
  • It is very likely that Rip will be back in season 3, that new characters appear and that a new crossover is made – maybe with Supergirl!
  • Regarding Legends’ love affair, Maisie would like to see the relationship between Amaya and Mick develop. However, a quick vote of the crowd showed that everyone was split between Team Rory and Team Nate. As for Ray, Brandon thinks he really is unlucky when it comes to love and considers that his best relationship was with Felicity. Brandon would like to learn more about the story of Anna, Ray’s ex-fiancé.
  • Finally, the two actors of Legends also spoke costumes. Brandon says he loves changing clothes and wearing costumes. His favorite was of Camelot because he was looking forward to that part of history. On the other hand, he admits that his costume as a British soldiers was terrible because the shoes were too small! Maisie also enjoy wearing costumes and hopes to go the Greek ancient area only to see Brandon in a togue!

Finally, in addition to the panels, many stands were present where fans could buy goodies regarding their favorite universes. Bonus: Lord Messa was also part of the game and sold his superb drawings!

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…and that’s a wrap ! As you can see, these two days of conventions were very busy and I had a blast.

If you’re sad that you’ve missed it, worry no more! Organizers announced that HVFF will come back in London next year around the same period!


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