Aerial fitness: I tried it for you!

Last week I experienced, in London, the growing phenomenon that is aerial fitness and I’m here today to talk about it!

What is aerial fitness?

Have you ever seen a circus’ show where acrobats were doing amazing sorts of acrobatics on trapezes? Imagine now a mix between circus and fitness and you get “aerial fitness”. Whether you’re a fan of gymnastics and/or fitness, amateurs of acrobatics or simply curious sports enthusiast, this is for you!

Aerial fitness takes many forms: you can do aerial yoga, trapeze, silk and even hoop. No matter which one you prefer, all of them will help you having a more tonic body and more muscles… And truth be told – it’s also very fun!


Working out and having fun: the secret of aerial fitness

For my test, I’ve decided to go to FlyingFantastic which is 20 minutes away from Big Ben. After receiving a very warm welcome, I am told that doing aerial fitness is a very playful way to do sports, a bit like doing training sessions without realizing it. Given that I am not a fan of workouts, it got me even more excited. Burning calories while having fun? Heck yes! Where do I sign?
Since it was my first session, I’ve decided to try a bit of everything. In small groups (max 6 people per coach), we started the warm-up session which is a mix of yoga and fitness. Being in the air requires a very good warm-up because many muscles are solicited afterward.
We began with the trapeze where we had to do an aerial roll to climb on it. We had to try several times but we all progressed very quickly and we ‘mastered’ our acrobatics quicker than we thought. Considering that none of us had tried rolls for -at least- a decade, we were quite happy by the results! The trapeze is a great way to work on your abs (especially when you fall back) but also your shoulders, arms and somehow your stamina.
After that, we tried silk which you have probably seen in a  circus before. This sport is the most complete since ALL your muscles are used: arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, feet … In all honesty, it was also the most complicated discipline as it requires technicality and a lot of strengths – but it is also the sexiest.

Aerial silks class
At last, we tried the hoop which also requires muscular arms. Abs, balance and suppleness are all used, necessary and developed. I personally think it was a great way to end because unlike what we might think, we can do lots of things with a hoop! I particularly loved laying on it on my back – I never thought this was possible because I was totally baffled when I saw our instructor doing so. I, however, somehow managed to do it and LOVED it!
We finished on a well-deserved session of warm-ups that should not but rushed – I didn’t manage to avoid aches the next day so try to do it more seriously than me!


Getting on the trapeze or hoop and one meter away from the ground in the silk is a real challenge but once you’ve done it, it’s really satisfying.

You might get annoyed because you can’t go higher and even start hating your arms because they can’t carry you…but at the end, you just leave very happy. We progressed so fast in one session that we ended up with a huge smile when, AT LAST, we successfully did our acrobatics.
You not only work on your body/muscle but your brain is also used A LOT as you try to understand how everything works. However, I can assure you that even when things look difficult, trying is the most important because it paid off! And just like Chris from the reception told me: I enjoyed it so much, I barely realized I was working out!
You know what to do if you’re going to London!


Informations :

Flying Fantastic,

229 Union Street

Londres SE1 0LR

You can participate to drop-in sessions if you wish to experiment aerial fitness however you can also get a full training (and become expert!) by taking a package !



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  1. Keep it up! I’ve been doing aerial fitness for 7 years, the strength and confidence you build is UNBELIEVABLE xx Moves which were impossible when I first started and I can now do with ease… the progress you’ll get is fantastic! Even if it aches like crazy afterwards 😉


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