Memes of 2017 : One month, one meme; follow the trend ! [Constantly updated]

If you are present on social medias, it is very likely that you came across a few memes. Those funny pictures are a big social media phenomenon.

So what is a meme?  Take a picture, add a funny caption about whatever you want and there you go: you created a meme. And if your picture is well chosen, meaning if you can find different ways to caption it then you might be on the verge of creating a new worldwide meme! Quite fancy, huh? If that’s what you aspire to do, there are many websites that allow you to create meme. The best is memegenerator where you can literally create a meme in a matter of seconds!

We’ve only been 3 months into 2017 but we already have our globally famous meme and here they are, month by month!


He’s the first meme of 2017 . SaltBae is a butcher who posts mesmerizing videos of the “art of meat” and became famous after showing his way to salt his meat.  The way he does it quickly turned into a magic meme

meme 2017 saltbae


Unlike #saltbae, this one doesn’t have a name but is probably the most used e v e r. This meme is of Kayode Eyumi who gently picture “smart-ass-thinking”.

meme 2017 february



“White-guy-blinking” is the cool new trend! Basically, if you wanna show bewilderment, shock or whatever else, HE IS YOUR guy !!


Don’t forget to come back to get more memes, we’ll update’em every time there are some new ones !!



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